Article Directory

1)              Do Gnostics Need to be Christians? (revised)

2)              St. Paul and the God of this World 

3)              On the Origin of Evil

4)              Can the Gospel Witnesses be Trusted?

5)              Gnostic Insights in the New Testament Gospels

6)              The Pattern of Gnostic Truth

7)              Did Jesus teach a Secret Doctrine?

8)              Why Jesus probably did Exist

9)               On God and Justice I

10)             On God and Justice II

11)              Was Paul A Misogynist? 

12)             Lucifer the light-bearer

13)             Orthodox Outrage

14)             Gnostics and the Old Testament

15)             On the Ethics of Saint Paul

16)             Saint Paul & the Apostolic Tradition I 

17)             Saint Paul & the Apostolic Tradition II 

18)             Saint Paul & the Apostolic Tradition III

19)             Gnostic Secrets of Melchizedek

20)            On the Gnostic Trinity

21)             On Fundy Gnosis

22)            The Gospel and the Greek Philosophers

23)            Gnostic Enigmas in the Gospel of John 

24)            Krishnamurti I: A Biography

25)            Krishnamurti II: Teachings and Gnosis

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