Greetings. My name is Jim West.

I set up Gnostic Sophistries as a space where I can share my research and insights on ancient Gnostic tradition and the New Testament. Some of you will recognize the articles here from a certain other webpage that I used to write for and support–but that’s all in the past now.
I won’t claim that reading these articles will bring you any closer to Gnosis; but I think these articles can help people who have been fed a one-sided perspective on the Bible. This kind of dis-information can hinder people in their quests for truth.
I use the word “Sophistries” here because, if nothing else, my articles show that the theological elements in the Bible can be used to support a theology that is radically different from what “orthodox” Christians teach. Morever, it is an historical fact that early Christians were radically divided on the theology of the New Testament.
The reality is that historically the early Christian movement was divided among numerous dissenting sects which disagreed radically on even the most fundamental dogmas. Thus one Christian’s “Creator God” was another Christian’s “devil.” And one Christian’s “flesh and blood” Messiah was another Christian’s other-worldly phantom. Some Christians believed that Jesus came to save the flesh; others believed He came to destroy the flesh. Some Christians believed that Jesus wanted his followers to obey the Law of Moses; others believed that Jesus came to destroy the Law. Some Christians believed that the Law was given by God; others said this Law was given by lower angels who opposed God. Indeed no other religious movement in history was so profoundly divided as were the early Christians.
In my articles I document these many conflicts and show how they were rooted in the New Testament, and even to some extent, in the Hebrew Scriptures.
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